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Some elevator maintenance companies are looking for some tools or devices can be used to grinding guide rail joints, or step wheel tracks of escalators.

Yes, at present, here is a tool named ‘File’ can be used for elevator guide rail connecting points, or step wheel tracks on escalators. The file tool has holder (handle) and blade (12 teeth, or 14 teeth), so it also can be named adjustable flexible file holder, this flexible file handle can easily be adjusted for curving the file either outward or inward.

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The file is made from the finest, hardened steel available. With 12 or14 teeth, when used in combination with handle, this file is a fine tool for dressing elevator guide rail joints and step wheel tracks on escalators for quieter and smoother rides.

inElevatorParts provides the adjustable flexible file and holder, if you need, please contact feel free. Thank you!

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